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Free Tyre Safety Check

To keep yourself and your car safe on the road, and to stay on the right side of the law, be sure to make a tyre safety check part of your maintenance routine.

If your tyres are dangerously worn there won't necessarily be any tell-tale signs as you drive. You'll have no reason to be concerned about roadholding, fuel consumption, or the increased dangers of wet road conditions. As for the likelihood of penalties and points on your licence, the legal minimum tread is 1.6mm but in our experience, your safety could be compromised long before you reach this level.

You can carry out simple checks yourself by measuring the depth of tread remaining, but tyre wear and damage takes many forms so there is no substitute for having a tyre safety check performed by one of our tyre professionals. We have the expertise and the equipment to carry out an exhaustive inspection that will identify any and all faults which our qualified fitters can remedy for you on the spot.

Why not get in touch with Xpress Garage & Tyres today to arrange your free no-obligation tyre check.

Book Free Tyre Safety Check with Xpress Garage & Tyres

Free Tyre Safety Check

We offer an in-depth tyre check that inspects the condition of your tyres including wear and any damage sustained. and also the date which is very important, as rubber degrades and becomes perished at around 5years from the date they were made. Tyres should also be replaced when the tread reaches 3mm which is 78% worn, as below that trying to stop in the wet will  take a further 9 car lengths o stop at 50 mph


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