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2 Wheel Alignment

Signs of poor alignment can include vibrations in the interior of the car or in the steering column. Other symptoms are potentially more dangerous, such as degraded braking, reduced grip while cornering and a greater tendency to aquaplane on wet roads. A wheel alignment check should therefore be performed at least annually or preferably 6-monthly. 2-wheel alignment equipment is sufficient for the majority of vehicles.

Regular 2-wheel alignment can optimise your car's handling and help to minimise the wear on suspension and steering components. It also extends the lifetime of your tyres by ensuring that the correct part of the tread contacts the road at all times.

Perform a visual inspection of your tyres at least monthly. Extra wear on the inner or outer edges may be due to misalignment. Any unusual tyre wear should always be checked at a garage. Contact Xpress Garage & Tyres on 01326 377997 today using our online contact form.

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Wheel Alignment

 Poorly aligned wheels result in irregular tyre wear and can affect the handling and safety of your vehicle. Let us give you peace of mind so you get the maximum from your new tyres by ensuring ALL 4 wheels are correctly aligned correctly. Price is for a Hunter computerised 3D wheel alignment from £35+vat. We are Cornwall's Alignment specialist, so we can sort problems that other garages can not.


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