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Free Vehicle Nitrogen Inflation

Xpress Garage & Tyres offer a nitrogen tyre inflation service that improves the performance and safety of your tyres by ensuring that the correct tyre pressure is maintained for longer.

Used by Formula 1 and aviation companies, nitrogen inflation maintains tyre pressure for 3 or 4 times longer and delivers a longer tread life due to less heat generation.

Choosing to have your vehicle tyres filled with Nitrogen can have its benefits:

  • Nitrogen is less likely to seep through the rubber of the tyre unlike oxygen which means that your tyre pressure should remain more stable over the long term.
  • Less pressure change when there is a change in temperature
  • Less moisture inside you tyres meaning less corrosion on your wheels

Whilst this can save you some money on fuel and tyre maintenance costs it is still important that you regularly check your tyre pressures.

Book your Vehicle nitrogen inflation online with us today, just add with your tyres or call to book an appointment on 01326 377997.




Book Free Vehicle Nitrogen Inflation with Xpress Garage & Tyres

Free Vehicle Nitrogen Inflation

The use of nitrogen to fill your tyres is a bit of a con unless you are using your car for track days or have a very high-performance car. On the average car, you will not notice any difference to the cars drive or handling, you would be better off putting the money towards good quality tyres or having the wheel alignment adjusted correctly. Then you would feel the difference and be safer on the road and actually save money on fuel.


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